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Namrata Kashyap Landscape Designs


Landscape Architecture is a specialized field of architectural science that mainly deals with the exterior environment of the building. It is also a specialized art form, because it involves working with natural assets, that are easily the utmost embellished, and yet, the most heterogeneous entities known to mankind.




Landscape architecture is often confused with horticulture. While both areas have an intrinsic love for nature at the core; the latter can at best be termed as domestic past time, whereas the former is a focused and expert discipline which requires constant learning of the outdoor environment along with growing through rigorous academic orientation and actual field experience.






Institutional landscape provides design that is inspirational and ecologically balanced to create public spaces that are durable, interpretative and culturally appropriate.

B & F Greens

B & F Greens 

Part of Project:  Landscaping     Status: ongoing



Healing landscapes emphasis the importance of nature in the healing process by separating users from distractions, reducing negative emotions, holding a person’s attention and blocking stressful thoughts.


We being Landscape architects, primarily design outdoor and public spaces to achieve environmentally sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing habitats. It involves systematic investigation of existing social, ecological, and geological conditions & processes in the existing...