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Albertsville Universe, Murud

Albertsville Universe, Murud

Part of Project: Landscape intervention
Client Name: Coredelia Realty
Start Date: 12-19-2010
End Date: 06-19-2012
Status: Ongoing


Landscape development of Albertsville Universe, Murud.


Albertsville Universe is a premium Resort cum Residential complex with over 140 sea facing condominiums along the sea side at the popular tourist destination of Murud, Janjira, 165 km south of Mumbai, accessible via Alibag, with a spectacular view of the Arabian sea.

The plot is located on a hilly terrain. The site is on a highly contoured site with a predominant slope towards the south, so, appropriate drainage system was required to properly channelize the rain waters from the surrounding hill. The existing seasonal nallah had a potential to be used as landscape feature.

Imposing edifices for a sky-high standard of construction, a congenial neighborhood of the like-minded, and a scheme overflowing with amenities are the styles adopted for the project.

Based on the site location, architectural treatment and site analysis, the landscape concept attempts to present Albertville as a man-made dwelling amidst the lush richness of nature. The landscape concept attempts to accentuate the 3 senses of sight, sound and smell.


The Road Avenue is the connector of all spaces and has been treated as a lively streetscape. Motorable interlocking grass jointed pavers are used to soften the hardscape and encourage percolation, thus reducing the burden of drainage. Boulevards are created using flowering trees.

Water plays a major role in the landscape. It has been used in its various moods. Its judicious usage ensures a tranquil yet lively environment.

The club house overlooks the large expanse of water where levels are created to get a cascade, a vertical fountain is provided to act as a landmark to the space and a beach effect is created, providing a gradual access to the water. Planters with lush palm trees complete the tropical landscape.

Borrowing from the sea its elements are represented in the floors cape of the Children's Play Area. The area is lined with state of art Neoflex material which cushions any fall.

Amphitheater created serves as a level connector between the boulevard and the community open space. A stage has been strategically provided in the midst of the accentuated drainage channels to highlight the island effect. Thatched roof pavilions are located along the walkway.

The pool is provided primarily for recreation and hence a curvilinear form has been chosen. A children's pool has been accommodated as per hospitality guidelines. Taking advantage of the levels, slides have been fixed to provide an element of adventure in the pool.

The private gardens are treated as calm, Zen-like open spaces with intelligent use of water, stone & tropical planting to crease a tranquil yet inviting environment.

The rear setbacks are going to be as natural as possible accentuating the exposed rock surfaces to provide visual variations to building blocks on the rear side as well, varying landscape styles will be adopted for these regions while the landform will be minimally disturbed.

The Clubhouse roof is accessible from the boulevard and hence acts as an open space. Thus it is proposed to treat it as a roof garden to also provide a good view to the adjoining building blocks.