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Dailani Residence

Dailani Residence

Part of Project: Landscape development
Client Name: Mrs & Mr Dailani
Start Date: 10-13-2010
End Date: 03-19-2011
Status: Completed


Landscape development of Dailani Residence at Adarshnagar, Chicalim, Vasco-da-gama,Goa


Dailani Residence is located at Adarshnagar, Chicalim, and spread over a plot area of 600 Sq.m with the house itself covering an area of 400 Sq. m.

With the Client's requirement of parking for about four cars the area left for landscaping was comparatively less. The house being contemporary in design, the taste of the Client demanded a simple easy to maintain landscape that would suffice their requirements. The challenge here was to provide an outstanding landscape with minimalistic softscape intervention.


The entry was aesthetically designed with a wooden gate and the name plate as only a small portion of the compound wall and the gate were the only elements visible from the approach road. As one arrives a cascading water body with gushing sound of water welcomes the guest. Not only it enlivens the entry but also provides privacy to the living room from the visitors. Since the front area was to be used for the parking the area was soften using grass pavers. A curvilinear strip of lawn using Aco grass grid, cutting through the space broke the monotony yet being capable of taking the vehicular load. A pathway using strips of Kota and pebbles connected the porch to the rear while encircling the Tulsi. The pathway changes its form as per the requirement with it widening at locations to form sit outs and pause points. The existing sump was camouflaged with a mound and focal planting. Since the house was surrounded by tall structure all three sides planting formed a crucial aspect in providing privacy from the upper floor neighbors. The compound wall is designed sculpturally using niches, recessed lights and plaster grooves and a pleasant colour scheme that complements the architecture. All the existing res on the site are retained.