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Goa Marriott Resort, Panaji, Goa

Goa Marriott Resort, Panaji, Goa

Part of Project: Landscaping
Client Name: Goa Marriott Resort
Start Date: 03-21-2006
End Date: 07-04-2007
Status: Completed


Revitalization and improvisation of existing landscape


Goa Marriott Resort is a five-star resort located at Aguada bay of Miramar beach, Goa. Standing at the edge of the sea, it provides views of the magnificent sea and stunning sunsets. Built in a Mediterranean style, Goa Marriott has a large area with landscaped gardens and is equally popular with both Leisure & Business travelers.

The design brief mainly involved the re-vitalizing and improvisation of the existing landscape elements including signage and lighting, as well as preparing and developing new proposals for the executive lounge, a herb garden, and the open spaces.

The landscape concept involved the following-

1. Improvising the main entrance from the gate to the lobby area. Enhancing the lighting and planning design to create a visual impact and give a sense of arrival.

2. Creation of transitions zones between the built and the open spaces, creating privacy for the lower-level rooms.

3. Developing a viable planting scheme for the sea facing lawns for passive/ active recreation; creating a Herb Garden for self sufficiency.

4. Preparing a landscape proposal for the executive lounge.

5. Enhancement of the landscape around the restaurant "Simply Fish", by highlighting the entry with the addition of plants and lighting.

6. Creating areas of interest along the open spaces, such as rockeries and focal planting, and resolving problem areas such as the entrance porch planting and pool-sea interface.