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INAS 310- INS Hansa

INAS 310- INS Hansa

Part of Project: Landscape design
Client Name: Indian Navy
Start Date: 06-10-2009
End Date: 05-12-2011
Status: Completed


Landscape development of green space located in front of the INAS 310 Squadron Building, INS Hansa, Goa.


INS Hansa is located at Dabolim in Goa, and the base is home to the Indian Navy's premier Air Squadrons including INAS 310 Cobras with the Do-228 Information Warfare Squadron. The project involved Landscape Development of green space located in front of the Squadron Building. The greens in front of Navy 310 Squadron building forms an island with connecting roads all around the space and measures approximately 580 sq.m.


The space was designed to create visually pleasing greens as one drives through it and to act as a signature signage for the Cobra Squadron. The existing foliage trees are well-maintained within the design & the layout is worked out so as to add interest within the landscape. Hence the landscape approach here is to have a minimalist Landscape which is cost-effective and easy to maintain yet possesses an aesthetic quality. The parking area at the rear is camouflaged to some extent using mounds and trees that also serve as a backdrop for the impressive waterbody created in the centre of the space. The sculpture designed in the foreground of the water is an abstract design derived from the symbol of the Squad. The trees and shrubs used create interesting views for the upper floors of the Navy 310 Squadron building in addition to providing colour to the landscape.