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J.V.S.L Retreat, Vidyanagar, Karnataka

J.V.S.L Retreat, Vidyanagar, Karnataka

Part of Project: Landscape of Jindal Retreat
Client Name: Jindal Steels Private Limited
Start Date: 03-27-2006
End Date: 08-28-2007
Status: Completed


Landscape development of J.S.V.L Retreat, Vidyanagar, Toranagallu, Karnataka.


The J.S.V.L Retreat is the private bungalow of the Managing Directors of Jindal Steels. The Landscape compliments Balinese architecture. Hence, meandering water features, clumps of bamboo and bunches of flowering shrubs create a sense of Arrival. The outstanding architectural features include the linear colonnade enclosing a pool on one side and an open lawn space on the other which is proposed to be used during ceremonial parties.

A Japanese garden is tucked in the rear between the building & the property-line ending at the base of a hill. The open space where the pool is located has the living areas on one side and the colonnade on the other. The area has been aesthetically developed as a private lounging space. The fragrant shrubs in predominantly white and other cool colours are used to highlight the foliage's tranquil appeal. In contrast, the ceremonial lawns are replete with vibrantly coloured plants, some exotic focal plants, and dense plantations to block out the South-West Sun and give the area a lush, colourful appeal.

A bandstand and a barbecue have been tucked in, to cater to ceremonial functions. The Japanese garden with its meandering brook done in scree, an oriental bridge, stone lights and clumps of Buddha bamboo and red flowering shrubs create a visual delight from the private living spaces of the building. But the most eye-catching element is the fish-shaped water body at the front-lower lawns planted all around with exotic floral shrubs and palms to recreate Bali at Vijayanagar.