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JSW Severfield Structures

JSW Severfield Structures

Part of Project: Industrial Landscape
Client Name: JSW Severfield Structures
Start Date: 10-18-2010
End Date: 09-13-2011
Status: Completed


Landscape development of JSW Severfield Structures.


JSW Severfield Structures is a Joint Venture agreement between JSW Building Systems Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of JSW Steel Ltd. of India, and Severfield-Rowen Plc of the UK to jointly create a new structural steel-work business.

The core operation of the new company "JSW Severfield Structures Ltd." (JSSL) is based adjacent to the JSW steel plant at Vijayanagar in the Bellary district, 220 miles north of Bangalore.

The building is located on an area of 66 Acres and the landscaping area consists of 58 Acres. The landscape aims to enhance the visually pleasing qualities of the land and built environment, in such a manner as to best contribute to the amenities and attractiveness of the Industry.


A landscape boulevard is created along the approach road using flowering trees to establish a consistent rhythm along a streetscape that guides you to the building that is located off-center from the approach road. The Seasonal variation in planting has either of the species flowering at any particular season. A combination of foliage trees along with palms dramatizes the entry. The Parking lot is designed to visually screen parking from the adjacent areas. Large canopy trees are used to sufficiently reduce the glare and radiant heat from the concrete and to provide visual relief from large stretches of pavement.

The mass plantation provided along the southern periphery screens off the southern sun as well as curtails the fly ash that is carried to the plot by the southern winds.

The service areas like AC units, Gas chamber and electric substations are screened off using creepers and tall trees.