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Manipal Hospital, Delhi

Manipal Hospital, Delhi

Part of Project: Landscape
Client Name: Archi Medes (I) Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Start Date: 02-27-2006
End Date: 08-15-2009
Status: Completed


Hospital Landscape design for Manipal, Delhi


Conceptualized as a 500-bed facility with an area of 4,50,000 sq.ft within a master plan site area of 7 acres, the hospital is located at Pitampura. The hospital overlooks a Central Green in the site. A large double-height atrium space between the first phase and the future phase which will have a translucent roof and landscaped floor space, will provide the patients relatives respite from the harsh weather conditions.

The more we are engaged with the environment through all our senses, lower are our rates of anxiety and we are less aware of the pain. Thus, a Healing Garden has been created, aimed to provide a multi-sensory experience with colourful flowers, varying shades and textures of green, the sights and sounds of water, elements that attract birds and butterflies, fragrances, and ornamental grasses which move with the slightest breeze.

The boundary wall plantation provided using flowering trees with seasonal variations will add colour to the Landscape & provide screening from the exterior. A cascading water-body would combat the exterior noise pollution and would give a tranquil effect. Undulating mounds over the lawn can be designed to provide the perfect natural setting along with colourful shrubs to liven up the mood. The walkway to the shrine, designed with Pergolas, would emphasize the transition of the space. Use of earthy tones in the exterior expression, either as stone cladding or as textured paint will create a humane and a friendly environment in the site.

To enhance the sense of control within the garden, there should be a choice of different pathways- hence, a series of both long and short connections are created within the landscape. A variety of semi-private niches to sit in are clubbed with the greens in the form of small pavilions. Some fixed and some movable outdoor furniture- catering to an individual requirement- is available within the landscape with a variety of nearby as well as distant views to enjoy when seated.