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Millennium School

Millennium School

Part of Project: Landscaping Project
Client Name: Ar Sonali Agarwal
Start Date: 06-01-2007
End Date: 12-31-2008
Status: Completed


Landscape development of Millenium School, Chandigarh


The Millennium Schools are popular schools in India powered by the Millennium Learning System (MLS), aptly called the Science of Education. The Millennium Schools are known for their academic excellence, sports facilities and co-curricular activities.

The Millennium School at Chandigarh is definitely a place where technology and a holistic approach to education comes together for the all round development of each and every student. Hence the landscape design aims to multiple-dimensional spaces that use the entire campus as a learning environment.


The campus is composed of individual three-story structures to reduce the total building footprint and minimize site impact, while maximizing landscape preservation. Connected by boardwalks, the buildings nestle into the trees and flat terrain. Outdoor spaces-amphitheater, decks, and viewing platforms-provide multiple gathering spaces for students and staff to engage in social, professional, and educational collaboration.

A school's entry gives visitors a glimpse of the building's personality, and provides way finding through a logical entry sequence that begins from the public street, through the site, to the front door and inside to the administration desk.

Existing landscape is also connected into exterior curvilinear pathways throughout a school campus. Landscape plantings provide shade, interest and seasonal color to make the exterior circulation pathways safe and inviting.

Several play equipment that encourages water park theme were incorporated within the landscape for child development and education, in addition to the popular play elements like climbers, swings, et al. These structures provide a blend of large skill development and themed learning centers.

The scale and individual design elements of outdoor environments is dictated by local microclimates. Regardless of location, when creative outdoor spaces can combine learning, socializing and playing, the end result is a comfortable, sustainable and usable outdoor space that elevates the learning experience for students.