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Ohio Cardiac Hospital

Ohio Cardiac Hospital, Kolkata

Part of Project: Landscaping
Client Name: Archi Medes (I) Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Start Date: 02-03-2006
End Date: 12-25-2011
Status: Completed


Hospital Landscape design for Ohio Cardiac Hospital, Kolkata


Uniquely located in a corner plot of Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata, with a water front on the third side, the hospital complex is proposed to be developed in two phases. The first phase will comprise of a 200-bed Cardiac facility. The building design showcases the use of glass and steel, expressing a contemporary approach. The hospital is proposed to have a landscaped forecourt echoing the spirit of the riverfront.

Based on the principles of Vaastu, it is oriented to exploit the view of the adjoining Water Canal. This canal is integrated into the landscape design by adding water bodies within the landscaped foreground of the building and projecting pedestrian decks onto the Canal. Transparent boundaries blend the surrounding panoramic view with the site. A visitors area adjoining the landscaped garden is included, to create a soothing environment. Therapeutic gardens along the curvilinear walkways lend various calming experiences. Terrace gardens reduce the scale of the tall structures and provide visual relief at upper levels. Focal elements like the spherical shrine and the metallic arch complement the architectural style of the building. Trees and shrubs are used to highlight entries, add colour and provide shade.