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Rain Forest Boulevard, Anjuna, Goa

Rain Forest Boulevard, Anjuna, Goa

Part of Project: Landscape Development 



Lighting Design-
The lighting design comes alive at night by using lighting as an intelligent tool. At the same time, it serves the purpose of illumination. Here, the landscape lighting comes together to create an illusion of expanse, drama and elucidation of the space.

Partition between walls: Gabion Walls-
Gabion walls are proposed between the villas. They create a privacy screen, and a contextual link between building and landscape. The partition walls are a combination of Gabion walls and wood-textured Shera boards. Construction waste can dramatically be reduced by using excavated material as a filler.

Signage wall between villas-
The top surface of the soak well is covered by pebbles and a dry landscape feature is created. Over the pebble bed, a signage wall is proposed with the signage of individual villas being displayed. The signage wall also serves the purpose of hiding the vent pipe behind it. The material proposed for the wall is a combination of wood cladding and Gabion wall.

Courtyard before stairwell-
To compliment the eclectic interiors of the villa, a classy minimalistis floorscape is created on the stairwell.

Entrance and Gate Design-
The entry to the project should be dramatic. It echoes the name 'Rainforest', while providing clear vision for security. A sense of arrival is created. This space reflects the materials being used through the site and sets the tone for the project.

Pool Design-
The ambiance around the pool is enhanced by adding planters and fragrant flowering shrubs. They help soften the edges and improve the ambient design. Classic water cascades adds dynamism to the placid water body .


Site plan: