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Sterling Hospital, Surat

Sterling Hospital, Surat

Part of Project: Healing
Client Name: ArchiMedes (I) Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Start Date: 12-19-2007
End Date:  
Status: Completed


Healing Gardens


Proposed as a 200-bed multi-specialty hospital, this project is expected to provide unparalleled service in the site region at Surat. A well designed hospital campus should signify a high standard of pedestrian security. Hence segregation between vehicular & pedestrian movement is clearly demarcated. Path surfaces designed are firm, smooth, and provide traction to allow for easy movement of wheelchairs. Handrails provided will encourage less able residents to participate in outside activities.

The landscape provides a variety of spaces to accommodate different activities and levels of privacy from spaces to allow group activities to spaces that allow solitary contemplation. Since the garden is located by a high-rise building, elements such as trees & sculptures are used to bring the space down to a human scale. The green space is designed to create balance, so that the space feels stable as a whole.

Landmarks are provided to help orient the users of the space. This was done with elements such as a sculpture, a profusion of flowers, pergolas and gazebos.