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VIP Annexe, INS Hansa

VIP Annexe, INS Hansa, Vasco-da-gama, Goa

Part of Project: Landscaping
Client Name: Indian Navy
Start Date: 02-15-2005
End Date: 12-19-2006
Status: Completed


Landscape development of the V.I.P Annexe at INS Hansa, Vasco-da-gama, Goa.


The V.I.P Annexe is perched picturesquely on the hilltop overlooking the Arabian Sea, with a scenic view of the Bogmalo beach on the South and the Pekinese island on the North. It comprises of a linear structure of guest rooms with a sloping roof. The entrance is from the South end of the structure through a porch linking the road to the verandah. All rooms have sea-facing views and are accessible through the verandah. This verandah opens onto a set of lawns which further lead to a lower open space, part of which was converted into the viewing deck. There are Champa, Coconut, Ashoka, Acacia and Gulmohar trees existing on site. The general slope of the site is westward. The site is quite rocky and the topsoil layer is negligible except in the existing lawn areas. The existing water feature comprising of a 5 m. x 2.5 m. trough with a fountain nozzle in the Southern side of the Annexe was given a complete new treatment. The condition of the Pathway and the steps was dilapidated before we proposed the new paving along these pathways. The retaining walls of the open spaces were unpleasant. There was no pathway/access from the road to the lower open space; hence, an access was created which would ideally be utilized for congregation. The vacant area for future expansion comprises of a rocky terrain dotted with some trees and a mass of weeds. It has the potential of looking aesthetic without major landscape treatment. There is no existing external lighting. Outdoor lighting contributes greatly to the quality of an open space. Besides making the areas safer at night, it also allows usage of space after dusk.


The Entry road has ornamental hedges of foliage plants on both sides. Accent plants have been placed at entries and in the central open space housing the water body. The water feature has ringed ornamental grass to soften the edge and screens the broad P.C.C band.

Improved quality of grass was laid; the low edging was done in a coloured ornamental plant to create contrast with the green grass. The planters along the verandah wall have perennial flowering shrubs and a trailing ground cover to conceal the edge of the planters.

This area was de-weeded and dug to a depth of 0.30 m. to remove all roots, after which a layer of murrum gravel was laid and compacted. The edges of the area had planting beds of a width of 1.2 m. along the retaining wall and curving gradually around the sea-facing edge. The contrast created between the planting of lush flowering and foliage plants with the reddish brown murrum gravel is striking yet easy to maintain.